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Feb 22, 2019

Theme: Keeping your thoughts and perceptions self-honoring first. What others think and the path to your own happiness.

Hello and welcome to our third Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently cultivate Joy and stay in a state of vital, vibrant aliveness. This centers around having a beautiful loving fantastic relationship with yourself and keeping all your thoughts self-honoring first.  There are our two main themes, joy and self love.

Here’s a little recap of our two previous shows. Our first was close to New Year’s and we picked a word that would give us a direction or a focus for the year and then we imagined and write the story of our lives that reflects your biggest more positive dream, a plan for your gift of a life here. This is exactly what you want, no hold barred even though you may be experiencing something different in the moment. I made mine in four segments, self, relationship, abundance and career or relationship to the world.

Just so you know I’m in there with you and this show is working me as well. So I wrote my own story for the new year thinking it quite brilliant and timely and then I remembered I had written a story three or four years ago. I pulled it up on the computer and it was identical almost and it felt like I had not moved or changed much! At first I freaked out like I am an insane person on a treadmill. What have I been doing the last five years, so busy! I often process things physically so I tore a bunch of stuff out of my cluttered closet and started throwing things away. I had some deep need for simplicity.

A couple of hours into it I got the AHA! And realized that I was satisfied to just happy with who I am and what I’ve got. I found that so peaceful and solid feeling. That is back to our circuitous theme of self love as the basis of your stability in life. Time to let go a bit and let life fill in. Like I said I am in the same lab of life as you, working through it all. Satisfied with what is and expecting the best.

I let go into my new story and thought about all the learning and growth that the destination brought me even though all the results are not yet here. And the pieces fit, my health issues, I had to find another approach, my vehicle was getting burnt out, in order to expand to my dream, I had to let go and expand.

My container was just too small. So this week my experience of that was around my story. I had so much creative fire and drove myself without balance and then I got myself sick because of it overworking burn out and now I’m letting go and living in the happy place such as business partners instead of the big load doing everything myself. So now it’s time to really embody it.  It’s the road I took that is important, the journey, and I also had to grow into the story. It took me years to grow into my story and I think I am there now. I had to cast off a lot from the past.

At every minute you have the opportunity to pick war or peace, happy not happy, love myself or not,  in our other words there’s going to be conflict or contrast because that’s the way we grow and we are guided towards what we want but you want to create the highroad and stick there.

Yes, you and your happiness matters. I listen to the conversations around me during the week dear friend, a very successful artist and a friend’s daughter who is  an artist and both were afraid to show up and value their unique expression. Another friend at 52 is getting a divorce and said she feels like she is going back to being 25 and asking who am I without the pleasing of others? What all my products are about. This is the re-occurring theme of self love. You do matter! This is big and in my new book it is the first section. Again I repeat what is your story, dream.

You have to be tenacious about finding and being who you are. I do care, but whatever happens with this show, the fact is it makes me happy and is very fulfilling for who I am to do it. I love to share and make connections and grow and see happiness grow through art dance and words. So I do it as part of my larger dream. And that is what is important. The path, the road, the exploration. I see in my experience with teaching art and Alzheimer’s that absolutely everyone has something uniquely their to express.  Even if your life is very full you can have that in some small way. Everyone has 15 minutes in a day. And if you don’t you have 5 minutes somewhere to look up at the sky and dream of feel life and the beauty of it in your body.

Our main topic today was write your story, practice it, feel it. The sub topic is getting derailed by what others think. Allowing your value to be placed on what other people think is a dangerous, unrewarding and unstable place to be.

Everyone has something you need to express and unique to their own truth. This is personal power.

Believe in your uniqueness and what you have to offer.  Believe in yourself, I do!

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

In keeping with the thought of doing new things, what can you do that is new this week that is nice to yourself. What would bring you fun and make you feel loved? Would it be a, walk, movie, face time with a friend across the country, taking time to volunteer? What pampers you honors you acknowledges you?

The happiness and joy of being good to yourself.