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Feb 22, 2019

Theme: Do you believe that you can and do consciously create your future? Do you believe that that anything is possible and the thoughts you consistently think create your reality?

There are our two main show themes: Cultivating consistent joy and staying connected to love.

Hello and welcome to our fifth Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently create a joyous fulfilling, expansive and vibrant life. It is loosely based on my book Joyous Every Day Living, and its tagline: party till check out time!

I am so excited about this radio show, every week it seems to write itself. Every week the topic presents itself according to how I am growing and all the conversations around me. In our past four segments we discussed picking a word for the year that is in alignment with your growth, re-writing the story that you usually tell to one of the most positive and desired future, and the creative process or journey into the unknown that these two take you on and the result: connecting to personal power. Then we experienced the fulfillment of joining our new self-loved self with others in community.

I realized when I was thinking about our past shows that so much of the premise of living in joy lies in the belief that you can create your own life and your own reality. In order to create a joyous life you have to believe that you have this power, and practice it! Culturally, science gives us models of understanding of the world we live in and we are affected by these beliefs. We have been very used to an old scientific Newtonian model of reality based on cause and effect, waiting for something outside of us to change how we feel inside. Events are predictable and you essentially live life as a victim of others, your environment and circumstances. So things happen to you. We have a new model of reality now in Quantum physics where everything is a vibration or energy that slows down to become matter and the outcome of experiments are affected by the input of the observer. In the quantum model, you cause the effect! What you think and feel now creates the reality; you don’t wait for it to happen. This is true creative power that we as humans all have.

So where do we get caught in all of this? It is our usual habits or unconscious programming that stands in the way.

I have been noticing that if I’m not careful, I get up in the morning and think the same things I did before. Oh I don’t have enough of that, where am I going to get it, problems first.  EEEK!

So what are these habits that define and control us? They are an unconscious set of automatic behaviors and responses that you have done so many times you don’t even know you are doing it or how it happens. It’s just like an automatic computer program. You tell your same story over again through the same circuits in your past, old memories, old problems. So if you start your day in the past, the past will most likely become your predictable future. How do these habits form? Responses to parents and culture, but that is not as important as noticing them and finding the ones that are not liberating your joy! If you can and do believe that your thoughts create your current reality, in order to create a fresh future you have to think greater or different than the past. If you think everything the same all the time, you are being run by your own program and you are not fully alive because you are not using your free will or choice. You’ve got to change up the memorized behaviors and responses.

When I observe, I cannot believe how many things I do unconsciously the same way I eat, pick up a fork, freak out when the gas gage gets empty which I always let it do, endless. I had an enforced vacation at the end of the year last year where I knew that if I didn’t change I was headed for real a health disaster, my body did not want to put up with it, wanted to communicate to me. I really had to dig deep, and it was worth it. I looked at everywhere it wasn’t working or really more everywhere I got unhappy or diminished myself and I knew I was running a program. So I did a lot of noticing when I had the same responses that did not feel good and then practiced a pattern interrupt. I notice my responses are different now in so many situations. Where I would have seen lack I just now am impartial or train myself to see abundance. I’m not so automatically reactive. I pay attention to when I feel hurt, and realize it has nothing to do with me, maybe part of a greater picture that shows I am not supposed to go in that direction. What thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain if your thoughts and feelings actually create your reality?  What behaviors do you want to rehearse mentally that would be new and feel good?

Yesterday I had a dear friend come to town on some important business and she felt so guilty that she did not come to see me, It was exhausting to be over cared for tike that. I told her I understood that she had consuming things to do and I did not want to be responsible for crazy guilt. We then talked about it and she said thank you for identifying that!  She had been wanting to liberate herself from unnecessary worry about what other people want from her, all self-created. I asked how she was approaching that and she said catch yourself as early as possible every time you patterns before you get momentum going. Be gentle with yourself, kind and not cruel. I asked her what motivated her to make these changes and she said I want to be fully alive!

Not making the same choice can be uncomfortable but it feels so much better and you get a new life with different responses from others. Almost anything that doesn’t feel good as a reaction is my own hurt and limitations.

Beliefs are just thoughts you have thought over and over again. How to make those changes have to get beyond those habitual responses? Meditation is one way because you don’t have all the usual stimulation and you can relax your brain and put new input in. I think constant awareness is the key. Many people wait for trauma or disaster to make a change like me and my almost health crisis. But you don’t really have to do it that way.  You can change in pain or suffering or in a state of inspiration. Feel what the future will feel like ahead of the actual event.

Many are afraid to feel better because they have to change. As I say in my book JEDL a health relationship with the unknown is crucial to happiness. People always ask me why do I look so good? I actually believe you can get better through time! If you are in alignment with who you truly are you free up a lot of vibrant energy that is used for guilt or self limitation or abuse. Your body is not in perpetual stress anticipating worse case scenarios based on past experiences fight or flight, these thoughts  can create addictive chemicals that wear you down.  I would suggest make a list of what is challenging or limited for you and take a look at the mostly ancestral patterns underneath. I find it fun.

Another exercise in creating your own new story is to read it and see what you level of belief is on each thing and see if you feel you can have it. That can show you your limiting thoughts and help you create anew and be the power in your own life!  Explore your habits this week.

To recap: Catch it when you feel it! Rehearse the new! Be a master of positive interpretation.

Be a warrior not a worrier. Thank you Bernie.

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

Habits what if you did not tell the story of your pain? 

Last week we spoke about the happiness and joy of being good to yourself and picked at least one thing you could do for yourself that would be fun and make you feel loved. Then we joined others. In our past few shows we talked about the life giving power of doing new things. Id’ like to go back to that topic in a new way.  topic of doing something new. When you wake up in the morning do you tell the same old story? Oh this hurts, It’s not going to get better. What if those thoughts were just habits and not what was really real for you? Pick one response to a situation and change it.  Maybe it is the way the news makes you angry or driving, or pick something that would make your life more pleasant. Or be brave is there something you would like to change?  I am picking paying attention to my body feels before first I handle messes and emails.

One of the most important aspects of Joyous Longevity is telling a new story about your life and changing habits that are not life giving at any age!  It is powerful!

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