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Feb 22, 2019

Theme: Joining your happy, loved self with others to expand your own joy and fulfillment. There are our two main show themes: joy and aspects of connecting to love.

Hello and welcome to our fourth Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently craft a joyous fulfilling expansive fully vibrant life and maintain a state of vital aliveness. A major component of this joy is having a beautiful loving fantastic relationship with yourself. Today we are going to explore bringing that loved self into relationship or connection with others. Our weekly topics are circuitous and overlap, weaving a tapestry of information for you to feel, experience and of course enjoy. It is loosely based on my book Joyous Every Day Living, and it’s tagline: party till check out time!

Here’s a little recap of our three previous shows. Our first was close to New Year’s and we picked a word that would give us a direction or a focus for the year and then we imagined and wrote the story of our lives that reflects our biggest more positive dream, a blueprint for your gift of a life here. We used four segments, self, relationship, abundance and career. This is exactly what you want, no hold barred, even though you may be experiencing something different in the moment. We re-wrote the story that we usually tell into a more expansive new one and discussed creative process and the growth it takes you on.  So in moving towards your story there’s a whole experiential journey of transformation, letting go and re-creating and we talked about self-love being kind to and believing in yourself as a major component of this. This is personal power. So the next step is now that we are unfolding as fabulous, who and what do we unite or join with?

Chapter 6 of my book Joyous Every Day Living is called Join. We are a combination of socially interdependent beings and the individual creators of our own lives. We are innately and biologically wired as a tribe or social group and studies show that those with no social contact live shorter sadder lives. Even our bodies are cooperative components of trillions of cells that constantly communicate with one another.

This is a collaborative and co-operative model that I am looking at so much in my own life right now. For much of my almost 50 year career as a visual artist, dancer, performer and party starter, inventor, I did so much of it on my own. Power tools, business and negotiating contract agreements, marketing.

That model is no longer working for me. I mentioned last week that I had to take some time off, otherwise known as a minor health issue, because my container was not big enough for where my life is meant to go. In other words I can’t do it all myself and that is not even fun!  It sparked a very huge change in my life, involving other talents into a co-operative creative mode. Now there’s nothing to do but join. Even this radio show is the symbol of that and is all about staying connected. I’m grateful that I spending so much time alone I am able to love my own company and created so much, although everyone would imagine I am the most social person in the world because I’m on stage so much but what I can accomplish on my own is so limited and my word for the year is unlimited. I have another artist girlfriend who is experiencing this and she is getting out of the studio and collaborating with dance studios and other media artists now.

Collaborating powerfully in business is part of my big new dream and everywhere really. Not lifting stuff is another. I had an old habit of carrying burdens. I got a sore throat this weekend, another message from my body to rest, release all pressure and live in the joyous present. I got the idea to ask my Facebook community their favorite remedy. I got close to 200 home remedies! Sore throat went away, it was fun. So there are many ways you can join and live in community.

A bit of Science from my book: Our biology is tribal. Being members of interdependent groups insured successful survival for our ancestors. The mental and physical health benefits of having an active social life are many. People who socialize regularly live longer and have a stronger immune system. This creates resilience in maintaining a healthy body throughout your life. Interacting with others boosts feeling of well-being and decreases feelings of depression. Of course you have to choose people and situations that make you feel good!!! Reports have shown that connecting with others can boost brain health and even help in preventing age related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Dance in my opinion and in the findings of much research is one of the most effective and far reaching ways to socialize because it combines physical and cognitive.  What are your favorite ways to socialize? Join a community in some way?  This includes asking for help! Big one for so many of us. Or how about this big one…allow someone to help you!!!

In what ways this week can you join? Celebrate with others? Share your load, delegate? Especially Caregivers what can you delegate?

Find somewhere to give, receive, mingle, blend, dance with others! Let’s do this as fully joyous individuals contributing to and enjoying a co-operative community!

Do you believe that you can and do consciously create your future? Next episode.  that anything is possible your thoughts create your reality show.

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

How can you join others this week?

Last week we spoke about the happiness and joy of being good to yourself and picked at least one thing you could do for yourself that would be fun and make you feel loved.

One of the most important aspects of Joyous Longevity is keeping the company of and engaging with others. Science has proven that those who socialize often lead happier healthier lives with stronger improved immune systems. We are in our deepest biology tribal creatures, an interdependent group of individuals.

I would like you to think this week of how you can join others. Take a class at your retirement community. If you use a walker, go on a stroll with a friend. If you are seated, do a puzzle with a family member or caregiver.

If you are a caregiver, you can ask your client or family member to tell a story about themselves. Or if you client has Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can do a simple movement class using one of my videos, or put on one of their favorite songs, hold their hands, look into their eyes and do a chair dance. This is one of the most joyous and effective ways I have found of creating joy and connection and is the basis of my Joyous Movement programs.

Find a way this week to join with others, and perhaps it is as simple as asking for company (otherwise known as help) and cooking together. Find a ways and let me know, we will share!

I can be reached at and  You can get a signed copy of my book at and sign up for my newsletter of buy a signed copy from me directly.