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Feb 22, 2019

Theme: Welcome to our exploration of living a consistently Joyous life. Party till checkout time!

Hello everyone, Welcome and Happy New Year! This is my first show of the year with Hub for Humanity and my dear friend Patti Teel. Patti and I go way back we’ll finally be doing a regular series and I am so thrilled to be spending time with you. We will be sharing experiences and insights with you about how to lead a vibrant, healthy happy life or as my tag line says, party till checkout time! We will use the structure from my new book, Joyous Every Day Living and also spontaneous topics that just come up to be explored.

The basic subject of all the talks is how to generate and maintain Joy or happiness throughout our lives and become accustomed to feeling good and choosing what makes us feel good. Believing that is our essential nature and purpose, so that we are in tune with and reflect the source of our aliveness.  That is the unblocked sense of self or life force and possibility.

Every year I decide to choose a word that describes my intention or direction for the year. Mine is Unlimited. After many years of paying homage to limitations and the accompanying forcing that it takes to move forward. Relaxed therefore, my backup word. Think about it, a theme will usually easily appear. Abundance, love, courage, self-care, expansion? What is your word for the New Year?

I recently had my first health experience, started with our natural disasters here in SB brought everything to the surface. I actually spent much of the holiday season doing “winter” or taking it easy and reflecting and identifying some of these learned patterns that were restricting me in every area. I didn’t dwell there but I did spend some time looking at where I was congested and looking at its source from my different parental lineages. We tend to focus so much on the pain rather than the message, what is it telling us me and what’s next.

Three part process of identify, I spent some great time looking at the patterns and their origins, not to stay there but to be able to differentiate between that and create new.  Be happy enjoy life now in a state of positive expectation.

Tell that new Story!!! So therefore the party how about choosing happiness? How about 2019 to be a year of fun and play! Sing and dance and laugh and smile and rejoice

Chapter one, one the of biggest ways to party and have life filled with Joy is movement.

For our unplugged segment:

Anger over the current politics and news, body parts, value in life and what they have done with it trauma over political system fear of being who you are.

It also brings up the topic of not letting outside influences disturb your happiness. in is that you allow the very forces that you are fighting against or disturbed by to win by giving them your power and your health and your attention. It is much more productive to place your attention elsewhere such is on all the positive things that are happening or that you could do yourself?

Joyous Longevity Segment 1:

Movement is essential for happiness, physical, mental and emotional. Get up and move or just sit and breathe. Find one way to do this daily!